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Lean Into Fear

Make fear your partner for success

Fear creates victims, never heroes. In this challenging and entertaining keynote, your audience will learn strategies to use fear to fuel your success in life and career.

Hear stories and strategies from a professional daredevil. Jeff Goodin has cracked the code on turning what most people find terrifying and welcoming it as an ally to build a life you've always hoped for. It’s time to make that life a reality.


Life on a 3x5

Transform overwhelm into satisfaction and accomplishment
by taking 1% of each day to plan the other 99% without another day-timer or tracker.

Fewer than 1% of professionals start each day with a plan for success.

Instead, most are characterized by continually jumping from one ‘urgent’ matter to the next in a frantic effort to get things done. That creates a pattern of frustration and regret that breaks enthusiasm and leads to overwhelm. Clearly, ‘no plan’ is a plan. It’s just the worst possible plan anyone could have.

Not having a plan leads to frustration and regret – so have a plan!

The Life on a 3×5 Keynote address will help your attendees transform from “crazy busy” into “super productive” with immediate takeaways and a simple daily ritual they can easily knock out in around 10 minutes. 

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