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lean into fear

Learn the art of turning the tables on fear from a professional daredevil


Lean Into Fear... Everyday

Thrive in an environment of fear.

Better Sorry than Safe

Recognize the opportunities fear presents

Steal the power from fear and use it to your advantage

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Make fear your partner for success

Fear Creates victims, never hero's. In this challenging and entertaining keynote your audience will learn strategies to use fear to fuel your success in life and career.

Hear stories and strategies from a professional daredevil. Jeff Goodin has cracked the code on turning what most people find terrifying and welcoming it as an ally to build a life that you've always hoped for . it's time to make that life a reality.

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fear is holding you back!

Learn how to use that fear

to your advantage.


“We loved having Jeff Goodin as our guest speaker for our FCA Night at the Ballpark with the Frisco Roughriders.  He has a tremendous message and inspirational life story. Jeff is an excellent, entertaining communicator!” Mike Noack, Greater Dallas FCA

" were fantastic!!!" Mark Hapka Dallas Mavericks

“You added huge energy and excitement to our event.  It was the perfect choice for our product launch, and our Distributors greatly enjoyed it.  We greatly appreciate your contribution to our Success School." Richard Wright, President & CEO, AdvoCare

“Jeff was a big hit with all ages and someone that left a lasting impression as we continued to receive inquiries throughout the year on when the next appearance would be.  He puts on a great performances is were very accommodating to work with." Jason Byrne, Director of Marketing, TCU Athletics

“I have been a huge fan of Jeff Goodin sense first meeting him at the Daredevil acrodunk team tryouts in 1997. His incredible work ethic is evident as he trained hard to become one of the most talented performers we have had. Jeff has continued with his go-for-it attitude with his motivational speaking – passing on his enthusiasm to audiences around the country and around the world.” Ty Cobb, Creator of the sport of Acrodunking, Founder of the Daredevils & Have a Standard Foundation

"Only one word can describe Jeff Goodin! ENERGY! This is a man who has the unique gift of being able to tie his impressive and interesting life into messages that I have witnessed hit audiences across the age spectrum.” Frank Nichols, Valley View Church, Dallas, TX

“Jeff was a huge hit with every audience.  We’ve used him dozens of times and each one was a home run.” Ted Ovletrea, Dallas Cowboys

"Jeff was hilarious! His on-stage energy and funny stories and amazing feats are a great combination. He's the best!" John Abley, Utah Jazz

“Jeff is a proven entertainment commodity.” Todd Hawkins, Rockshow Comedy

“In the 15 years of our foundation, Jeff has been the most popular speaker.  The community has come to know him and always is asking about his next appearance.” Bill Neubauer, Founder, Tim Orth Memorial Foundation

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