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Stranger than fiction


Jeff often tells people that his life is evidence that truth is stranger than fiction. Need proof?

 Jeff began his career as an acrobatic slam dunk artist in 1996 touring with the #1 half-time act in basketball, the Bud Light Daredevils.  He traveled the world with the Daredevils where he cut his teeth as an entertainer.


     He left the Daredevils in 1998 when the Boston Celtics signed him to become the first mascot in the history of the organization.  After two seasons with the Celtics Jeff and his family moved to Dallas when he signed with the Dallas Mavericks to perform as Mavs Man.  In his first season with the Mavericks, Sports Illustrated named him the 2nd best mascot in the NBA behind the Phoenix Gorilla.



Bud Light DaredevilsTeam Captain and Director of Operations for the original acrobatic slam dunk basketball show.


Boston Celtics – First mascot in the history of the legendary Boston Celtics organization.


Dallas Mavericks – Signed in 2000 to perform as Mavs Man and noticed the need for a more comedic, kid friendly character. The only mascot performer in all of professional sports to create a character, pitch the idea and have that character adopted as the team mascot. That creation of the blue horse named Champ, is not the official mascot of the Dallas Mavericks.


Champion Factory, LLC Founder - Sports entertainment group that provided entertainment world wide for a variety of markets including NBA, NCAA, corporate, state fairs, churches, schools and much more.


Skydive Spaceland Dallas – Skydiving coach specializing in helping newly licensed skydivers improve their skill in free fall and prepare them for jumping safely with large groups.


Performance Highlights

750+ NBA games

300+ NCAA games

100+ Upward Sports Awards Ceremonies

America’s Got Talent

CBS National TV commercials

NCAA Final Four

NBA All-Star

ESPN SportsCenter

NBA Draft

Jerry Lewis Telethon,

Holland Basketball Week, Rotterdam, Holland

Gatorade Fierce launch Caracas, Venezuela

Obregon, Mexico All-Star Game

NBA Madness-Manila, Philippines

Intensity Games, Sea World Adventure Parks

Ringling Bros Circus

Beijing, China CCTV 5,

Sprite Celebrity Basketball Game, Shanghai, China  

NBA 3X Mexico City 2012,

and so much more.

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